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The Benefits of armrests for Office Furniture
Schewel Furniture Company, Schewels Credit, Schewel Furniture, Schewels Company, Schewels
It is estimated that workers spend almost 250 hours in a week sitting down in front of a desk. This is a conservative estimate and many health experts agree that the hours could be longer. It is therefore important that office furniture be designed in such a way as to increase worker comfort, and most importantly, maintain health.

Researchers have found that the presence of an armrest in an office chair helps maintain posture and significantly reduces the risk of neck and shoulder pain. There are three types of armrest; each with their own benefits. Individuals should understand their own sitting habits and find a chair that conforms well to their own preferences.

The first and most common type is the fixed armrest. This is attached to either side of the chair and cannot be adjusted at all. This type of chair is highly recommended for those who like to slouch. The armrest prevents full spinal curvature and forces the person to maintain a relatively healthy posture.

The next type is the height-adjustable one, which, as its name suggests, is ideal for those who are shorter or taller than average. The person needs to find the correct height, which is the balance between normal arm movement and the keyboard. Arm rests should never interfere with the operation of the keyboard.

The last one, multi-function, can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. Its ability to pivot provides more support and allows the person to find a comfortable position in the chair.

Individuals should work closely with their office furniture retailer in order to find a chair that is ideal for them. Most people do not pay attention to their armrests, but studies show their presence to be helpful for posture, which increases productivity.

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I owned an armless home office chair for many years and it's just recently that I begin to consider that perhaps, having an armless chair wasn't too healthy for me. Thank you for this very informative article.

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